Breakfast at Mr Tulk

Bread & Pastries

Dench Sourdough Toast Or sourdough fruitloaf with butter & jam$7.00
Croissant Plain $5.00/ with ham and cheese$8.00
Banana Bread (V) With grilled banana, salted caramel & vanilla ricotta$14.00
Mr Tulk’s Famous Bacon & Egg Roll Fried egg, bacon, hashbrown, tomato relish, baby cos lettuce$14.00
Vegan Sandwich (V, VG) Beetroot, hummus, roasted pumpkin, rocket & sliced avocado$9.50
Fruit Salad (V, VG, GF) Seasonal fruit served with natural, honey or coconut yoghurt$14.00
Porridge (V, VG, GF) Organic oats, poached rhubarb, blackberries & almonds, with your choice of milk$12.50
Bircher Muesli (V, VG, GF) Wild bircher muesli with coconut yoghurt, berry compote & toasted almond flakes$12.50
Toasted Muesli (V, GF) With fresh berries, banana & natural yoghurt, with your choice of milk$12.50
Farm Eggs on Toast (V) Poached, Scrambled or Fried$12.00


On two slices of sourdough toast (V, VG)$12.50
With Yarra Valley Fetta (V)$16.00


Mr Tulk’s Big Breakfast Bacon, hashbrown, avocado, mushrooms, iceberg lettuce, tomato, chorizo, with eggs of your choice$22.00
Eggs Royale Poached eggs, smoked salmon, asparagus, our special tarragon hollandaise, served on homemade crumpets$20.00
Eggs Benedict Poached eggs with ham or bacon, our special tarragon hollandaise, served on our homemade crumpets$18.50
Brassicas Avocado (V) Poached egg, broccolini, brussel sprouts, smashed avocado, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, kale chips, salted ricotta, with our homemade crumpet$19.50
Mediterranean Eggs (V) Baked eggs with tomato, red & yellow bull horn pepper, fetta, served with Turkish bread fingers$18.00
Omelette (V) Asparagus, goats curd, parmesan, with tarragon sauce$18.00
Crispy Polenta & Mushrooms (V) Served with poached egg & salted ricotta$16.50

Breakfast Sides/Extras

Gluten Free Toast$1.50
Extra Toast$1.50
Extra Egg$3.00
Baked Beans$4.00
Smoked Salmon$5.00
Andrew’s Bacon$5.00
Black Pudding$5.00

Lunch at Mr Tulk

Pork & Veal Meatballs Meatballs with parmesan bread fingers plus rocket, pine nuts & parmesan salad$19.00
Gin Cured Salmon House cured salmon with pickled fennel, creme fraiche, shredded egg & grilled bread$18.00
Trout Delight Smoked trout, creme fraiche, capers, rocket, served on our homemade crumpets$19.00
Salmon Risotto (GF) Smoked salmon with preserved lemon, caramelised onion & Arborio rice$20.00
Vegetarian Risotto (V, GF) Pumpkin, mushroom & asparagus with burnt butter, parmesan & Arborio rice$18.00
Caesar Salad Poached eggs, baby cos lettuce, pancetta, croutons, parmesan & caesar dressing (anchovies optional) Add Salmon or Chicken $5.00$18.00
Tuna Salad Tuna with lemon mayo, boiled eggs, radish leaves, capers & croutons$18.00
Crispy Chicken Japanese crumbed chicken with pickled vegetables and kewpie mayo$18.00
Winner Winner Parmesan crusted chicken schnitzel with dijon mustard, Italian slaw & lemon$19.00
Dusty Burger Galloway beef, gruyere, onion marmalade
Served with chips


French fries$8.00
Mixed leaf salad$8.00